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Billing and Accounts

All customers will be billed on a quarterly basis. (3 months at a time.)  Invoices will be distributed shortly prior to the beginning of each new quarter.  (January, April, July, October).  All invoices have Net 15 Day terms.  (They are due within 15 days of their creation.)


Payment Options:

Residential Waste LLC is happy to provide flexible payment options for our customers.


We accept the following forms of payment:  Check, Credit Card or Debit Card. A 3.0% processing fee will apply to credit/debit card transactions.


Online Payment:  Customers can pay their invoices online by providing a valid email address.  Invoices can be emailed to the customer with a link to our secure payment platform. (Accepted forms of payment:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)


Pay By Mail:  Customers can send their payment via Check to:

Residential Waste LLC

P.O. Box 2208

Cumming, Ga. 30028

Please make sure that the service address or the invoice number is included on the check or money order.


Financial Institution Bill Pay Service:  Customers can utilize the Bill Pay Service of their financial institution, if available.  Please make sure that the service address or the invoice number is included in all Bill Pay Service payments.


Pay by Telephone:  Customers can pay their bill over the telephone by contacting the office at 706-380-8414 during normal business hours.  Please have the card and billing information available. (Accepted forms of payment:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)


Recurring Charge Card Debit:  Customers can pay their bill by recurring charge card debit by completing and signing a Recurring Payment Authorization Form.  This form can be requested by contacting the office at 706-380-8414.


Standard Fees:

"Go Back" Fee:  $15.00

Excessive Garbage Fee:  $10.00

Late Fee for past due accounts:  $15.00 

Return Check/Bank Draft Fee:  $36.00

Container Fee: $25.00

**Past Due Account Policy

Any account that remains unpaid past the invoice due date will incur a $5.00 late fee.  Any account that remains unpaid 15 days past the invoice due date will be subject to discontinued service without further notice. Any account that is interrupted for nonpayment could be terminated without further notice and must bring the account current in full before service will be resumed.  Please Note:  Any account that is terminated for nonpayment will lose all discounts and will be subject to the current standard pricing.*

Please also note that if the account has been placed on "skip" and is not brought current before 5:00 PM prior to the customer's service day, then the customer will have to wait until the next week's scheduled day for service. Routes are set the evening before the service day and cannot be changed mid-route.

*Unless prior arrangements are made. 

**Online Payment of Invoices that Include a Past Due Balance

If a customer has requested email invoicing but their account goes past due, then the customer is responsible to make sure that their payment includes the past due amount.  Residential Waste LLC utilizes WAM for invoicing, and the total amount due is included on the invoice itself as well as on the email.  The payment window, however, will sometimes only populate the current invoice amount without the past due included.  Please make sure that the total amount due is remitted.  Past due invoices could cause interruption of service.  Please contact the office with any questions. 

**Check Policy

If a personal check  is returned to Residential Waste LLC due to insufficient funds or stop payment, then the customer will be notified via email or telephone by the office, and service will be suspended immediately. Full payment for a check that has been returned, including an insufficient fund charge of $36.00, must be received before service will resume. Acceptable methods of payment are money order, cashier’s check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express.  Residential Waste LLC reserves the right to suspend check writing privileges in the event that a payment is returned by the customer's bank


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